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One has access to toilet and water at accommodation in a shelter when the shelter is booked and paid in advance.

Fire bucket, fire blanket and fire slaps are available. Price 25, _ DKK per set.

It is possible to buy wood for a camp fire. Price 50, - DKK (7€) pr. box

Booking, please use "Kontakt os"
Please write:
     Date and app. time of arrival
     Date of departure
     Number of staying overnight
     Name of one participant
Please look under "Bookinger"

Price is 25, - DKK (3,5€) pr. person pr. night.
PAYMENT in cash at arrival
or before arraival: IBAN account: DK9259600008075400

The Center has build 3 new shelters in 2017 paid by Danish Outdoor Council.

In 2018 and 2019 we build two shelters in connection to our camp fire site.

Soon diner is ready

One of the shelters is nearby the camp fire site

2 shelters are placed opposite to eachother for mutual fun in a corner of the site.

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